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Jyotish is one of the best and oldest form of astrology in the whole world. The term “jyotish” is derived from the word “jyoti” that means light. It is the pure knowledge of science that implies to the study of character, health, habits, behavior, and future of a person from his/ her birth chart. There are only a few Jyotish in our country who have deep knowledge of it. Jyotish Swami RB Sharma ji is one of them.

Jyotish astrology is very famous in western countries as well in the name of Indian, Hindu or vedic astrology science. We can trace the pioneering of “jotish vidya” from the ancient times of Vedic civilization in India. It is part of Indian Vedic scriptures, manuscripts, translations and much more.

Many people agree that they have knowledge of this form of astrology known as jyotish vidya. But, it requires deep calculations and knowledge of planet positions, celestial bodies, birth stars, or events of person’s life. In short it all depends upon the knowledge, if you get the best accurate calculations, most of your problems are already resolved in the calculations. But, if anyone has calculated it inaccurately, you have to face more troubles and high money drainage for a solution.

So, to find the best solutions and get assurance of the best upaay and solution, your astrologer must know about three branches of this division of astrology. These are:

  • Ganita: It includes gola and provides parameters for mathematical calculations, calendars, horoscope, movements of planets, eclipse, and other factors.
  • Hora: It also includes Jataka, this is the technique of horoscope interpretation, horary astrology, election astrology, and study of omens.
  • Samhita: This deals with the fortune of an individual person, group of persons, weather forecasting, astral phenomena, meteors, and comets.

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